Benny &Co

12333 Blvd. Laurentien, Montreal, Quebec H4K 2Z1

A master rotisserie since 1960, Benny&Co.'s speciality is roast chicken. The 100% grain-fed chicken is roasted to perfection according to an exclusive, three-hour slow cooking technique. A meticulous selection process ensures the outstanding quality of chicken served at Benny&Co. restaurants. The new owners' motto is to offer the best quality, highest weight roasted chicken.
Benny&Co. wanted to unite the Benny family's rotisseries under the same brand name. Since 2009, other Benny family members, owners of rotisseries under other names, have teamed up with Benny&Co. to carry on the tradition of excellence, aiming to exceed the highest quality and service standards.
Proud of its family heritage, the Benny family would like to share its expertise with you and invites you to discover (or rediscover) Benny&Co.'s original speciality.

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